About Me

About Me

Who is Sports Nutritionist James?

James Yeo, Bsc, Dip.ISSN, CISSN, PN2
Performance Nutritionist

Sports Nutrition plays a strong role in smashing your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to change your body composition, perform better or recover faster, nutrition cannot be neglected. However, nutrition alone may not be enough to draw you the full picture.

  • 9+ years of experience in the sports & fitness industry leading different roles
  • 6 credentials in nutrition including a post-graduate diploma in sports nutrition (distinction)
  • 9 credentials in sports and exercise, including a degree in sports & exercise science (distinction)
  • One of the only few sports science trained sports nutritionist in Singapore
  • Worked with multiple athletes, including national record holders
  • Train personal trainers in the fitness industry (including Fitness First and Virgin Active) to coach nutrition better
  • International Fitness Speaker, Expro Fitness Convention 2019

How is James’ nutrition consultation different?

Sports Nutritionist James’ years of ongoing knowledge and experiences in sports science and performance nutrition combines the best knowledge in the industry into simple practical actions so that you will not only hit your fitness goals, but also learn why each strategy works.


8 years of successful track record in nutrition coaching


James’s coaching is live, personalized and tailored to your individual needs


His coaching is solely designed to have an immediate impact on your results


Rebuild your foundations of what you thought was once true about nutrition

With my credentials and experiences, I am able to combine my knowledge in sports science with nutrition to draw you a strong overview of where you are in terms of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, and pinpoint the most critical area you should work on right away so that you can conquer your fitness goal right away. Not only will you experience change, but you will also transform to become the best version of you.

In-Person Training
James at Train-the-Trainers Nutrition workshop with Fitness First
james event 2
James at Train-the-Trainers Nutrition workshop with Virgin Active Holland Village.
james event 3
James at Train-the-Trainers Nutrition workshop with TripleFit


What others are saying about Sports Nutritionist James

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